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SAMAR is a company that produces educational equipment for 50 years. We have contributed to the formation of several generations of tecnici. Oggi and for the future we intend to continue to do so, providing technological innovation, reliability, service and quality, characteristics that have always distinguished us over the years. Universities, Colleges, Secondary schools, vocational schools are our regular customers. We export equipment in the world and we are appreciated by the schools, by the Ministries of Education and Labour, the World Bank and other similar organizations, the European Commission, the United Nations, local governments, companies, retailers and distributors, teachers etc ... and to all those working in the world of teaching. Our production is extensive and covers several areas in the field of education. On the site you can find lots of information about our company and equipment. What you don't find on our website you can request it to our offices, we will be happy to help you. Thanks for your attention and we invite you to contact us or visit us in our company, it will be an opportunity to get to know, to see our products and our working methods.


SAMAR is a company founded five decades ago, which has a great experience in the design and manufacture of instrumentation calibration and control in the electricity sector for both the laboratory and for field measurements. Our production includes both the classic laboratory samples: resistors, capacitors and inductors; is the corresponding decades as well as fault simulators suitable for periodic testing of the equipment and the annual end of line used to control the electrical safety according to different directives. For years we produce manual and automatic equipment for testing insulation, dielectric strength and continuity of the ground. We develop instrumentation also suitable safety checks on electrical systems, current injectors, instrumentation for tests and measurements on electrical wires and transformers. We carry varying loads resistive, inductive, capacitive also according to customer specifications. We are available to create equipment and custom workstations. We have a laboratory for certification relates ACCREDIA.


SAMAR is an Italian company that produces equipment for teaching laboratories and industry for over 50 years. Our products are designed and manufactured in Italy by experienced and qualified engineers and technicians and laboratory tests in different areas. Our work takes place at the national and international directly or with agents on the spot; in collaboration with partners; with resale or distribution. The facilities are flexible to meet the various needs and we are available to design custom systems.

We produce equipment for various levels:
Educational:vocational, primary and secondary schools, training centers, universities
Industria:laboratory testing; certifications; thoroughly test line or a sample; tests of various types in electrical and electronic field.
Engineering: Support for various needs